Skin Friendly Bath Towels-Get Now

Skin Friendly Bath Towels-Get Now

RGL 100% Cotton Bath Towel 500 GSM, 30x60 Inches

Hello friends, today’s topic is about such an item that we use every day, yes that is our bath towels!

So let’s start, do you know which fabric suits our skin more? yes it is cotton.

So does cotton have the ability to wipe water from our body? Yes 100%, I am telling you this from my 21 years of trading experience.

So,Yes! from now on we have to keep in mind that whenever we buy a bath towel, it should be of cotton!

RGL 100% Cotton Bath Towel 500 GSM, 30x60 Inches

So are cotton towels easy to find?

No dear, absolutely not, in fact most of the customers in the market want cheap towels.

So the shopkeepers ask the factory people to make the towels cheap, due to which the factory man mixes polyester in the fabric!

And this is the reason why we do not get the right thing like a bath towel!

Skin Friendly Bath Towels-Get Now

Then how can we identify the cotton towels?

There is no need to panic, I will tell you the easy way by which you will be able to know whether the material of the towel is cotton or not!

You place any small part of the towel on your palm and pour a little water on it.

if the water absorbs the towel in a few seconds, then it means cotton and otherwise polyester! isn’t it easy?

RGL 100% Cotton Bath Towel 500 GSM, 30x60 Inches

And yes friends, do you know the correct size of bath towels?

It should be 30 x 60 inches, and 75 x 150 in centimeters.

RGL 100% Cotton Bath Towel 500 GSM, 30x60 Inches

Also tell the exact price of the cotton bath towels?

If you want to buy cotton towel, then the price starts from 200/-, and if you want to buy economic and good quality, then the price can go up to 1000/-

But don’t worry at all, I am with you ! Because good quality bath towels are available on our website for just 399/- that too with free shipping.

Whose link I am giving you below, and if you buy from our site for the first time then you will also get a welcome discount of 10%!

And for your information, let me tell you that I also use it in towels myself!

Baby Towel 100% Cotton Nursery Designs

So do you have cotton bath towels for our kids too?

Yes it is, cotton as well as it is available with kids favorite designs.

you can easily get it delivered to your home just by clicking on the link below!

I hope you liked this post of mine, I just hope you like it!

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If still you have any other query about bath towels then please feel free to send me whatsapp with your question-

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