Grab Jaipuri Cotton Bed Sheets Now!

Most popular cotton bed sheets

I have some amazing cotton bed sheets for you

These cotton bed sheets are world famous and producing in Jaipur (Rajasthan), this products come with good quality, good durability, And the colour combination awesome you will definitely love it!


Export quality bed-sheet.

Once you buy and definitely you will love these bedsheets


Bajaj well known for quality and cloth.

100% cotton bed sheets with heavy cloth, you may heard about casement cloth.

Traditional designs

You know what is the beauty of cotton bed sheets? they are skin friendly and when you sleep they give you so much comfort without irritating.

Some knowledge to buy cotton bed sheets


Look to cloth

If you feel cloth over shiny, if you feel cloth slipping from your hand and one more thing if you see in depth of cloth there definitely you will find shiny thread. it mean’s they are not cotton.


Does the color of cotton bed sheets fade?

Definitely if 100% cotton cloth then the color will fade slowly because this is nature of cotton. percentage of fade depending on manufacturer, if they put indigo/rapid colors then good it will be fade slow and if manufacturer use pigment colors then you may loose your colors after first or second wash!


What thread count is best for cotton bed sheets?

I have 15 years experience, I can say this is myth for clients that this cloth 144 tc and 210 tc and etc….Even you will wonder if I say you that manufacturer also don’t know this. Older days the best parameter to know the cloth is gsm and thread count yes but when it’s raw material on that time we can count after ready bed-sheet no body knows!

How to measure size of cotton bed sheets for our bed?


Queen size bed

82 x 92 inch, if you want to be more clear, then please have a look below post on bed sheet size:-


King Size Bed

88 x 100 inch, at least below this not perfect!

I hope you will like today’s post for cotton bed sheets and it will help you to buy quality bed sheets. You can explore more product available in my site have a look by click below link-

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